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Ann's story


My name is Ann Laurie and I’ve been married
to my husband David for almost 20 years.


We have 2 children -- Jennifer and David.


We lead a somewhat normal life...


except for the fact that

I have multiple sclerosis.

​My journey began in 1987. I was an avid runner and looked forward to going out for that mile run everyday. There were a couple of times where I would trip and fall but thought nothing of it. I always thought it was me just being clumsy until one morning when I woke up I wasn’t able to move my left leg. This happened a couple of times before I decided to go to the doctors.


After numerous tests over a 3-year period, a diagnosis of MS was made. I was scared of the unknown because MS affects everyone differently. I didn’t know what to expect so I just continued living life as usual. My children were young at that time and they needed their mom to be a mom. I went to every Little League, football and lacrosse game, dance recital and choral concert. I still to this day, attend their sporting events.

My husband, children and extended family and friends are my support system. With them, I am able to think about the things I can do and not the things I can’t. I had to retrain myself into thinking it was okay to ask for help.


With the support of the National MS Society I was able to get house cleaning assistance and I am now in the process of working with them to renovate my bathroom by having a roll-in shower installed. But the greatest gift was when my daughter was awarded the Petit Family Foundation Scholarship that provided financial assistance for college.

I guess you can say thatI have a “positive/negative” relationship with MS. In the negative, I could probably write for days about this disease but I would rather focus on the positive. It has made me stronger and more aware of how one should slow down and enjoy life. I learned to laugh at myself and bring laughter to others.


No one knows what tomorrow will bring, so I am living all my tomorrows now.

"My children were young at that time... and they needed their mom to be a mom."

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