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Will's story


Despite living with CF for his entire life,
Will has joined the battle against his own disease including speaking at numerous fundraising events.

Will was diagnosed with CF at three months old and has battled the disease hard ever since. Although he spends numerous hours each day caring for his lungs by using a vibrating “vest”, unfortunately his body has been significantly damaged due to cystic fibrosis.

At fifteen, Will was the recipient of a liver transplant. While it is commonly known that cystic fibrosis attacks the lungs, what is often not understood is that it also affects numerous organs throughout the body. Because of CF, Will was not able to attend high school for almost two years.

Will is an adorable kid and has a great sense of humor. He enjoys playing video games, and watching sports with his dad, especially football as he is a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Despite his struggles with cystic fibrosis, Will is a huge advocate for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and has spoken at many of their events. He has recently returned to 10th grade and hopes to attend a college to earn a Zoology major. His ideal lifestyle would be to live in Philadelphia, near Lincoln Financial Field, so he could walk to the games!

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